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Needless to say, Adrian was incredibly satisfied by the look of surprise registering on the other trainer's face. He took a look at the surroundings that the Gastly was going to be taking advantage of, and also noticed that the Dorm building was a bit too close for comfort. So, as he sent the ghost out, he told him a simple attack plan -- get the Wartortle angry enough to chase him to a different area. The strategy had two purposes -- first off, the Wortortle would be more susceptible to attack, making it easier to wear down. Also, if things got hairy, the place of battle would be far away from the dorm enough to where even a stray attack would do no harm if it flew out of control.

Fighting a stronger opponent wasn't a new thing to Gastly, but interruptions in the battle were. As he was Taunting the Wartortle into a rage and having it follow his voice, an older person shouted at them that there were battlefields for a reason. All the while, Mike yelled out for the guy to leave them alone. As for Adrian, he simply said sorry, but there was something going on. Unfortunately, the battle was already in full swing, and by now the Gastly had hit the Wortortle with a Toxic attack, and narrowly avoided getting crunched up by a wild Bite attack. At least they were rapidly moving away from that direction, and Adrian was forced to put the guy on hold, as he and his Larvesta hurried towards the next part of the impromptu field.

By this time, the Wartortle had worked itself up into a good rage. It fired Ice Beams everywhere, but it was showing obvious signs of wear and tear from the battle. However, it got lucky with a particularly strong Ice Beam, and hit the Gastly dead center. Its concentration having been broken, the Gastly became fully visible, quite some distance from the Wartortle. By this time, they were both well away from the start of the battlefield, and the Wartortle was almost gone. The tired Gastly stayed well away, and the Wortortle finally went down after a while because of the poison. However, any hopes for the ghost staying in the battle were pretty much gone, because the battlefield, while slowly being heated up, was now like an intense oven.

Then came the Golbat, which took a Scary Face attack like a champ, and simply mowed down what was left of him with a solid Aerial Ace attack to the face. However, the heat was already getting to the bat, and he moved more slowly because of the parting shot from Superman. Adrian then sent out his Shellder, which sat there like a great wall. Or, he would be if he wasn't baking as well. Perhaps having Supernova make full use of her ability was a mistake...

He looked worriedly at the still-strong Golbat and his Shellder. Sure, he was partly a Water-type, but his suffering was immediately evident. The Golbat immediately went on the offensive, seeing its chance to strike, and the Shellder simply waited for the impending command.

"Now! Ice Shard!" Adrian called it just in time. Frostbite hit the Golbat dead-on in the wing, crippling it. However, the Shellder went down, and it was finally time to reveal his final Pokémon.

"Alright Supernova, light him up." Adrian gave the usual command with such a calm voice that he scared even himself, which Supernova had been well-prepared for. Her Drought ability had been heating up the entire battlefield over the duration of the battle, and it made her a world stronger.

She slowly crept out onto the field, her six legs carrying her forward with an easy stride. All she did was park herself in the most comfortable spot on the field, and use Morning Sun, followed by a ridiculously powerful Ember attack (if Adrian could even call that wall of fire an Ember attack). The crippled and worn out Golbat desperately fired off the only attack it could at moment's notice. It launched a well-placed Confuse Ray that sent the Larvesta into a daze, but it was too late. The powerful Ember attack knocked him clean out, ending the battle right then and there.

Adrian went up to heal his Larvesta of the confusion, and noted that the field they were in had a lot less effects of their battle than he'd thought they would. The ice must have melted when Supernova's Drought was heating up the field. He silently checked the status of his Pokémon. Two were fainted, and both a lot stronger. As for Supernova, she was a whole lot stronger from this. After this battle, there really wasn't a need to speak. He didn't want to offend the kid any more -- after all, his ego must already have been taken down by a sizeable notch or two.
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