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Adrian chose his words carefully. "If you think I'm strong, wait till you get a load of the teachers. There are battlefields nearby. We can do some training there, or at least out in the woods. I know where strong foes are as well, because that sounds even better."

He stopped, and turned around, leaning on his cane. "If you want to win all of your battles, you have to be intelligent. I cannot rely on my own strength all of the time, so I rely on my strategy to carry the day when I can't. That's how I do it."

He fell silent, and before Mike could respond to anything else, he threw out one last comment. "I'm not going to put this any simpler. If you really want to hang out with me and see how I train, you're more than welcome to. But the moment when you let your temper get the better of you is the moment you lose. The same happened to your Wortortle today."

He knew that the other kid would still be a bit shocked at having his strong Wartortle taken out by a mere Gastly, so he figured the lesson would serve him in good stead. I have to tell Superman when he wakes up that he shouldn't get the foe TOO riled up...
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