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Iny Gage: Path to Oak Town --> Abandoned Lugia dorm.
Iny, Walking down the path to Oak Town with Cally, Hears a Startling scream.

"Someone help!" Echoed through the air from the west, Obviously coming from the Abandoned dorm. Quick to forget her current mission, she slips the letter she made into her bag And rushed off to the lugia dorm, Ignoring the multiple warnings she received from people.

Quickly Approaching the Dorm she opens the doors. The dorm, While very Regal, is also very Decrepit. Very dusty Gilded furniture, was scattered around the room, As if there were a barfight years ago. Half burned Candles with hardened wax on the side laid down on the dusty hardwood floor and on the floor, Several sets of footprints upset the neat layer of dust. Quickly Choosing a pair of footprints to follow she heads further into the dorm where she starts to hear Faint crying. Figuring its from the same person who called for help she followed the source of the sound.

Turning down a nearby hallway she see's a girl on the ground, Crying at the sight of a sizeable collection of Ghost pokemon. Thinking quickly she shouts out to Cally "Quick, use Hypnosis!" she commands her small fox.
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