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Holly Amarosa

Holly sniffled and whimpered. She picked Lumina up and returned her to her Pokeball. She watched all of the Pokemon scatter, trying to escape the attack. "T-Thank you..." Holly whispered. She gasped as she heard a window break and turned around quickly. "M-Molly?" she asked, staring at her Munna. Molly nodded. "I had to go through a window to get in here. The door wouldn't open for some reason." She gasped. "Holly, look out!" she screamed, noticing a Gastly behind her tiny trainer. Holly felt a shiver down her spine and froze as she felt the Gastly enter her body.

Molly stared at Holly and shook her head. "No way..." she whispered. Holly looked at her and smiled eerily. "What's wrong?" she asked, her voice sounding like two people speaking slightly out of sync. "I'm your trainer, little Munna. You don't have to be scared." Molly backed away and looked at Iny. "Can you help?" she asked, forgetting the fact that people couldn't understand her. "Holly's been possessed..."
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