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    What is your one favorite video game from each console that you've played, and why?

    N64 = Conker's Bad Day and Mario Kart. I honestly couldn't decide between the two so many great memories with these game. I had such great time with these two games playing with my cousins. Many wars and battles where fought in Mario Kart the battle and wars would sometime lead to fist fight but still a good time. Conker's Fur Day was just awesome because of the foul language and the mutil-player mode. Man being the bad little kid that I love anything with foul language.

    PS1= Chrono Trigger I bought this this game in middle school it was a special edition that came with FF3 or FF4 can't remember I spent most of my time playing Chrono Trigger. I love everything about that game the music the story.

    PS2= NBA Streetz Vol. 3 You got to make your own shoes in that game. To be honest I still play it. The graphics were really good at the time as while.

    Xbox= NBA 2k6 it had a better story mode. This is why before the My Player Mode you actually had to go through something like the story for NBA Streetz but a lot deeper then the player you made finally got to be use in season & associations modes.

    Xbox 360 = Anything that is the Saint Row series. Just love the games series.

    Gamboy Color = Pokemon Gold Bought the game self when I was a kid so proud of the fact.

    Gameboy Advance Era= Anything Yu-Gi-Oh I just a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan in middle school.

    Ds/Dsi Era= Pokemon Soul Silver This is currently my addiction at the moment.

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