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Well, the 150 in Kanto was due to them knowing about Mew. tbh Mew should have been #150 because it was discovered before Mewtwo. It had to be in order to create Mewtwo even. Even if it was thought to be extinct, we've got fossil Pokémon to compare it to. idk that aspect of Mew/Mewtwo has always baffled me.

When you're talking theories here, you really can't mix in-universe and out of universe theories. You can't really say "either Oak was a jackass or the writers screwed up". It just doesn't work. Because the definite reason is that they did not expect Pokémon to continue past the first generation. The in-universe explanation would be that Oak was talking about the Pokémon Ash would encounter in Kanto, even if he probably wouldn't have met a good portion of the rarer ones had he been a normal kid.

Side note- please don't try to censor bypass (replacing letters in swear words). I'm not bothered this time because jackass isn't censored, but I am bothered that you would try to bypass it.
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