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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post

How did you find out about Adventure Time?

It all started out in 2010 when one of my best friends, Gabriel, asked me if I knew about Adventure Time. I honestly had no idea what in the world he was talking about, but when I got home that day, I got intrigued and watched Slumber Party Panic, which later on I found was the first episode of the first season. At first, my initial reaction to Adventure Time was Woah. This show is, like, for kids. Gab convinced me that AT was awesome and mathematical,a term which I only found out a few episodes later. I tried watching it again and saw Marceline for the first time on Evicted!, and I knew she was going to be my favorite character.

After that, Gab started to portray the role of Finn and I was Marceline. We formed a little group together, along with more of our friends, and I became an Adventurer ever since.

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