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    The Anime/Manga Challenge

    In this challenge you will be making a team based off of a character in the anime or manga.
    You are allowed to specify which manga or which season of the anime, but other than that the person after you gets to decide what character's team you'll be using.
    1) You must use the team exactly, NFEs and all.
    2) If you know the nicknames that trainer uses, use them.
    3) If the trainer doesn't use nicknames you still can if you want
    4) You may use any game, or rom hacks, but if you use a rom hack put that under the game section of the sign-up instead.
    5) When assigning someone a team, give them possible teams. For example if someone is playing Red don't give them Aaron(in the anime he only has Gen 3 and newer pokemon).
    6) When assigning a character with more than 6 pokemon, like Ash, specify which of that character's pokemon they should use or you can let them choose.
    7) You may hack in or trade pokemon.

    8) This rule is sort of hard to explain, but if someone wants 5-6 pokemon, or however many, you can combing people, but it has to make sense. You couldn't combine Ash and Brock, not good enough. They are friends but that's it really. A good example would be Hunter J who has 3 pokemon and you combine her with her henchmen who have 5, then you have 8 to choose from to assign to somebody. Use your best judgement on whether or not they are related enough to combine, another decent example would be team rocket's jessie and james except they have enough pokemon individually. Hope I explained that well enough, if you have questions, I have answers.
    9) If a trainer has less than 6 pokemon then list them out for the person you are assigning so they don't have to look it up. (Optional)

    If they don't list out the pokemon for you to use, I suggest bulbapedia. Or if you are assigning a character bulbapedia has a subsection for which pokemon characters have in the manga and/or anime.

    NobodyAdam-Manga-Ruby(Pokemon Adventures)-
    Seraphimon-sama-Anime-Cameron(Best Wishes)-

    Anime or Manga:
    Season of anime/Which Manga:
    Number of Pokemon:
    Other restrictions:

    Sample Sign-up/Response
    Name: Billy Bob Joe
    Game: FireRed
    Anime or Manga: Anime
    Season of anime/Which Manga: Season 1-Indigo League
    Number of Pokemon: 5-6
    Other restrictions: None

    Hey Billy Bob Joe, I'm gonna give you Ritchie he has a Pikachu, Charmeleon, Butterfree, Tailow, and a Pupitar.
    Good luck and have fun!

    Alright now my sign up

    Name: NobodyAdam
    Game: Emerald
    Anime or Manga: Manga
    Season of anime/Which Manga: Any
    Number of Pokemon: 2+
    Other restrictions: None
    I love Sydian, approved?
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