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Partner Pokemon:

Favourite Psychic-types:
I really like Slowpoke, I'm not sure why. I guess it describes me in a sense- rather lazy at times! It's a great, bulky water-type to use and despite it's non-existent speed, it's huge wall of defence makes up for it. Throw in the fact that it has a respectable special attack stat and has access to a huge range of moves and this is one cool Pokemon. I also love it mainly because of its derpy design.

As for the other two, I guess they're mainly based off design as well. They're also such good-natured Pokemon in the anime and I really like using them on my teams as well.

Why you like the Psychic-type (I don't mind if you don't have much to say, but don't say too much either)

For one, the concept of the psychic-type is breathtaking. Pokemon that possess powers that we can only wildly imagine. The ability to control objects and make them float, the power they possess is unbelievable. In-game psychic-types always make a worthy addition to any team with their wide movepools- take Alakazam for example. It can send Thunderbolts, Energy Balls, Psychic, Shadow Ball and all sorts of moves. It can also recover its health at the same time with Recover. Isn't that pretty cool?

I've also always liked them for just being so unique. I find them a lovable type to use and I'll never regret trying out a few psychic types in my games. They're just unbelievably strong and not to mention, they can play all sorts of roles. They can be irritating, get a few stat boosts to become unstoppable or just be there to support your team in tough situations. Whatever it is, psychic-types can do it. They're just that great. :]

OH AND DID I MENTION, THEY CAN BEND SPOONS? That's definitely the coolest part, not gonna lie.

If you became a Psychic-type Pokemon all of a sudden, what would you do with your newfound powers?

I'm not quite sure actually. Bend a few spoons for my amusement before realising it's not as entertaining as it seems and then go cause some havoc. Send pots and pans flying through the air, scare passerbys, to be honest it'd be extremely fun. Just be a troublemaker in general and make a few cats levitate.

What are some of your favourite Psychic-type moves?

Psychic the psychic type move used by psychics! It's reliable accuracy, huge amount of damage and practically every psychic-type can do it. It's just a great move in general and I try and throw this on a Pokemon whenever I get the chance.

What is the most impressive Psychic-type Pokemon that you have seen in the anime?

Probably Mewtwo to be completely honest. It was able to defeat and burn down the scientist lab/mansion it was held in. It then managed to escape and learn how to control its powers with the help of Giovanni and finally creates the cloned Pokemon who are by far, stronger and rougher. It's easily the most impressive psychic-type with being able to make other Pokemon levitate helplessly, throw all sorts of attacks at you and control a clone army.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.