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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
I've seen this. I saw it on Youtube and I was sooo drawn into it (even believed it a little at first!) and couldn't stop watching it. I didn't know there was a sequel out - is it any good? Any better/just as good as the first one?
It's quite good yes, it certainly builds on the first but it's a lot shorter and is mostly an interview rather than documentary.

Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
People seem to reeeeeeeeeally like stuff like this. I read an article a while back (can't remember the link, unfortunately) that said that the Mermaid show described above was the highest-rated show on Animal Planet for the past 5 years despite, you know, not being about animals!
Animal Planet have done a few over the years, I'm not sure if it was aired on the UK version of the channel or not (I don't have Sky) but the response it got in the US seems to be huge. The fact that organisations had to explicitly say that it was fiction and not fact is a sure sign of the people watching it - and even suggesting a worrying amount believed it.

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