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    Thanks Raichu for the accepting welcome!


    I'm 12 years old, turning 13 next week (Yay), I'm a gay guy who loves Taylor Swift and is out to only one person irl (I came out to her yesterday and she wasn't negative!). I live in Australia and my parents.... well I don't know about them. I've noticed that when they think me and my sister are sleeping they sometimes watch LGBT shows but they never show any distaste or (for a lack of a better word)appreciation for the LGBT community. You can find me on Empty Closets as GreatTornado (So Creative).

    I actually have a crush on someone and I was wondering if I could get a little advice. He is in another grade but same year level as me (For better story telling let's call him John (Not his actual name but I have nothing against John's)). I really like him, I dream about us in a relationship a lot. I think he might be gay/bi because he sure seems like it (Stereotypes, it's all I have). He likes drama and has a lot of friends that are girls but some of his friends are boys. We have some P.E., English and Mathematics classes together and sometimes before and during school we talk, but not at recess or lunch since he likes hanging out with his other friends. I believe I am currently at the start of the friend zone with him but I don't know what to do now.

    I plan to come out to other friends soon but not my parents until either:
    A) I am in a (serious) relationship with another guy
    B) I get a clear view on their stance on LGBT
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