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    Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
    Hello. Wondering if anyone could help with this. I've noted my disdain for referencing myself as a person, ie. as an entity possessing any sort of physical form. I'm wondering if there is in fact a term for someone who doesn't identify with their body (and not due to spirituality). Like, when I see myself in a reflection or photograph it scarcely connects that 'this is me'. Also, I've long had a penchant for creating characters and imagining myself as them. I would appreciate having something to call this (lack of) of self-identity, if anyone can help me there. I don't suppose this is gender or sex related but I do suppose if anyone might be familiar with this, it'll be the folks here.
    I majored in psych, so the first thing that popped into my head was that it's some sort of dissociation? There are a couple of disorders that can cause that type of feeling, but if it's not actually causing you distress or interfering with your life, then they wouldn't apply to you.

    Do you not identify with having a body in general, or is that you have a mental image of yourself that doesn't match what you actually look like?