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Posted July 17th, 2023
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No matter where I repoint the data to, it always does the same thing. Right now I have it pointed to 0xB00000 and I'm still getting the same error. Any other ideas? I really need some help.
Advance Text is buggy as heck. It's repointing feature, for my experience, does not work. The reason why you got random characters is because A-Text overwrote the other text offsets of the nearby text.

Anyway, that problem only occurs if you go beyond the character limit A-Text provides. Like I said, it's repointing feature isn't working properly.

I suggest you start anew, since your maps crashed and all.
But if you really do need to edit the text and go beyond the character limit, then do this...

0. Save a back-up of your ROM.
1. Write your new text in XSE and compile it.
#dynamix 0x901000

#org @intro
= This will be the new text.\nNo need for lock or start or\lanything like that.
2. Open Advance Text and search for the text you wanted to edit. Take note of the "Text Offset" of that text.

3. Reverse that offset. In the example, 1C7017 will now be 17701C, and add 08, making it 17701C08.
4. Open your ROM with a hex editor and search(CTRL + F) for that reverse offset.

5. Once you've found that, replace it with the offset of your new text (on step 1). Reverse it as well, of course, so 901000 will now be 001090, and add 08, making it 00109008.

6. Save it, and test it out.

Note: If you don't know how to reverse an offset, here's how...
1C7017 -> 1C 70 17
Simply switch the first two and the last two digits.