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    Originally Posted by Alteregos89 View Post
    sorry if this is already somewhere on here - the forum is still a bit tough for me to navigate.

    I was wondering, when using songs, tiles, art what is the best way to give credit?

    ex: I want to use a song from a movie/show in the pokemon game and want to use art I saw on google images - are those big "no no"s or is it doable?

    ~ thanks
    Can't really be sure about the songs, but to an extent, it could be accepted as long as you properly cite the composer/artist/song title and where you got it from. If you created it yourself (like turned the song into 8-bit music) you still have to at least mention the song title/artist/composer. But then again, i'm not sure about this.

    As for artwork, regardless of where you got it from, it is required for you to get permission from the artist who made it. I've known many people who just take pictures off from google results (with the mindset "it's on google, everyone has access to it") and put it in their sites, but still had to pay thousands of dollars for whatever copyright laws they've broken in the end. Especially those taken from deviantart... everything there is copyrighted material. Art theft is mostly not tolerated.

    Additional note about artworks: even though you include the artists' names in your credits, some people simply don't want their images/ideas reused/redistributed at all. They may want to keep that piece strictly and only on that site. It is still best to get everyone's permission, regardless.
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