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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
I agree that not all shiny eeveelutions look good. I prefer most of them nonshiny too :P Good job though Omicron.

So jealous of all those Dittos Mia >.<

And for what I've been RNGing recently... finally decided to give 4th Gen another go for ID abuse. Took awhile but I managed to RNG HeartGold to get the ID/SID combo I wanted for shiny HP Grass Timid/Modest for the 3 legendary birds \o/
Yay! 4th gen RNG!

How can you not like green Espeon?!!!!! *feelings are hurt*

My attempt to get all HP dittos has been delayed. Can't find any good seeds. :/
They must be shiny. *ching ching sparkle sparkle*
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