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@ANARCHit3cht: First, I must apologize for replying so late. Your SU is looking great and I look forward to accepting it once you add your Roleplay Sample, but I also have three quick, minor qualms I have.

I notice your character (tries to) attacks the Inquisitor, well, normally that would be fine and dandy. Except the Inquisitor is the one that is going to invited him into the group, which you need that in your history as well. So, as long as Callum didn't try to kill him (again) in that moment we can let that part slid.

Next is that your character has a vendetta/mission against Shadowhunters. If that were ever found out he would be exiled and most likely hunted down and killed. So, let's just keep that in mind. He does have to work with other Shadowhunters in this new special division that they're forming. I'm hoping that won't be an issue.

Third, this Forsaken army that he created would leave him with a kill on sight order. The Shadowhunters would never trust someone who did that again, he would be kicked out of The Clave and never, ever let allowed back in to The Clave or Idris. That's breaking the Covenant. They would strip of him everything, including his runes. So, this part I need you to remove unless you want to add a lot anonymity to it.

@Supervegeta: This whole thing reminds me that while you're still accepted, no worries there, I would like you to add to your History how your character took to being approached by The Inquisitor and by being invited to this new special division group. This has already happened and it's quite important. Not requiring anything long, but I do need something.

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