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    This game is dedicated to the few people who gave me a chance with my last game and was disappointed with it, and the people who helped me with obvious errors. My primary goal for this game was for it to be the game I'm known for best. Thank you all for visiting and giving me another chance!

    This is a remake of Yellow, but not exactly. There is the same story line but a few additions were added on. You may catch all 151 Pokemon in this game.

    Travel to Johto (Post Story)
    Personal Assistant (Tod)
    Redesigned Maps Example
    Navel Rock Event (From FR/LG/E)
    You can only be a male character

    Key Characters:
    Heroes and Allies:



    Professor Oak


    Download (Latest)

    There has been a major bug update! Download
    NOTE: It is not a standalone update! Replace the contents in "Data" with the contents in the update!

    Created with RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials Version 11
    Graphics-BGFM, Carmaniac, WeslyFG, DonLaRide.
    Primary Scripter/Eventer-BGFM
    The Entire Community for Support


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