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So I've been tampering with FL Studio for somewhere
around a year and have worked with different styles and learned
new techniques, but I was never that great with most of them.

I have, however, been making piano remakes of random
favorite Pokemon songs that I wanted to share and get
opinions on. I think they're pretty neat, but I assure you
they're not difficult to make. They're incredibly easy to
make, actually, if you have a sense of pitch and rhythm.
I like making them and they sound cool, but I wanted to
get some outside opinions on them. They're nothing special;
they're exactly how they sound. They're Pokemon songs
done by a piano and sometimes have a beat to it.

Pokemon R/S/E - Littleroot Town

Pokemon R/G/B/Y/FR/LG - Route 1

Pokemon R/S/E - Wild Pokemon Battle


I've been wanting to make a few tracks, but they
have a weird meter that I can't match with FL Studio's
standards without going through a tedious, unsure process.

Are they too boring? Do they need other aspects to them? That's what
I'm worried about. I want people to like them, but I feel in the back
of my head that there's nothing unique to they could
use something that I don't get.