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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    You're changing the layout of the maps?!

    For god's sake no. Don't do that.
    That's just going to make this a bad attempt. If you're using kanto, at least keep the maps the same.
    But that is what makes this unique! When I started development, I looked and played Lightning Yellow and I asked myself, how am I going to seem like I'm not making a copy of it. I changed the maps to make it look better and to add things that are mentioned in the past but not on the map (Such as a volcano in Cinnabar Island. I changed the story line by adding Johto and Navel Rock, and adding more Team Rocket Encounters and some actual planning of Silph Co. takeover. I added things I felt R/B/Y/FR/LG lacked. Thanks for the advice, but I think I'm going to keep the maps the same.

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