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    First Update:
    - Got Charmander (Toriyama) and battled Rival.
    - Level grinded until Toriyama evolved, then beat Brock.
    - Went through Mt. Moon.
    - Beat Rival and all trainers north of Cerulean.
    - Beat Misty.
    - Levelgrinded on the SS Anne until Toriyama evolved again.
    - Beat Rival and Lt. Surge.
    - Went through the Rock Tunnel (Without Flash, might I add) and skipped straight to Celadon for my second party member.
    - Got Eevee (Cerberus), and evolved it into Flareon immediately after.
    - Started hunting for a Growlithe on Route 7.

    No screenshots, unfortunately. The screen-shot feature on Vizzed doesn't seem to be working right for me.

    Current team:

    Toriyama, Level 40 - Careful
    Aerial Ace - Flamethrower - Metal Claw - Cut

    Cerberus, Level 26 -Calm
    Dig - Growl - Sand Attack - Quick Attack