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Atlantis Awakening: Atlantean Culture

In this segment, I want to introduce to everyone the remnants of Atlantean Culture and how and why people like the Atlantean Royal Family, do and say some stuff that seems weirdly out of context.

Atlantean Religion: The God of Gods

When it comes to religion in Atlantis, there is only really one. Having god like abilities kind of makes it redundant for there to be a Pantheon of different gods governing differing sectors of the physical and metaphysical realm. Also, many religions apparent today are, in the context of the Role-play, based upon certain Atlanteans that made their way to the mainland during the Atlantean Era and also subsequently after it’s annihilation.

So the Atlantean Religion is focussed around one particular aspect of the cosmos, dubbed the ‘Universe’. This cosmic power is essentially the creator of Earth and the evolution of the Atlantean people, and as such, the Atlanteans worshipped it. Just to be clear, The Universe is not God per se, while it is credited with creation, it didn’t inherently create the world, but rather allowed for things to come to fruition. There is also no representative idol for the universe, or the idea that Atlanteans were made in the image of it, the Universe simply a cosmic construct of power that shapes the fabric of what we call the universe. It is most similar to the idea of Karma, in that it is this unseen force that is perceived to influence actions.

Atlantean Religion: Common Sayings

Quite often, if something happens in a way that the individual perceives positively affects them; it is common to hear Atlanteans say “thank you Universe.” It is the same as thanking someone for doing you a favour, except in this case, you thank the Universe for something that is out of your control.

“May the light of the Universe shine brightly upon you,” is another common phrase within the Atlantean Culture. It is a common gesture to say to someone who is going off on travels abroad, a kind to “safe journey” as what we would say. Again, while the Universe has not physical construct, nor does it exude light, the idea here is that the ‘light of the Universe’ is a reference to the power of the Universe, in that it’ll keep your journey positive and out of harm’s way.

“May the Universe light your path,” is another saying that has similar connotation to the previous. However in this instance, it does not so much denote safety of travel, but rather a guiding of sorts and ward against getting lost. Again, it’s not a physical light that sets out the path for you, but rather the idea that, in your mind, the path you walk is the one that just ‘feels right’ as if the Universe is guiding you on your travels.

It is considered impolite and often rude or intrusive to ask an Atlantean what their ability is. While many abilities are visible, many more are not, and Atlanteans are affected in different ways by their abilities. Also because of the individualistic and personal nature of abilities, people tend to keep their abilities to themselves.

Atlantean Crystal: Atlantite

On the island of Atlantis, there existed vast deposits both above and below ground of a lightish blue crystal known simply as Atlantite, similar in colour to Blue Agate. It was customary back in Atlantis for a newly born Atlantean to be gifted with a piece of Atlantite to help focus their abilities as they began to manifest. Mostly the crystals were worn as necklaces and bracelets, but other variants including piercings worked too. Metaphysically, Atlantite acted as a ‘Kryptonite’ to Atlanteans, not in the way that it weakened them, but rather it weakened their abilities enough for newly awakened Atlanteans to have larger control over their respective abilities. Since the destruction of Atlantis, Atlantite has become a rare, precious mineral, often cropping up in strange places. Currently, the Atlantean Royal Family has a few pieces of Atlantite for students finding it more difficult to control their abilities. During their announcement of the Atlantean Race, the Atlantean Royal Family help up a large stone made mostly of Atlantite which acted as an activator for Atlanteans.

Activating Atlantean Genes

There remain two predicates for an Atlantean to begin utilising their heritage. The first is Knowledge; in that the individual has to have knowledge that Atlanteans exist, this awakens the Atlantean gland within the brain, responsible for the activation of the dormant Atlantean genes. Secondly is Atlantite; coming into contact with Atlantite is usually the precursor for the development of abilities within dormant Atlanteans. Atlantite is the metaphysical ‘red button’ that activates the super human ability side of and individual. While both can be activated irrespective of each other, to fully become and Atlantean, an individual needs to go through both these steps. The Atlantite crystal the Royal Family help up at the announcement, was amplified by one of their recruits, essentially meaning that across the world, people came into contact with the metaphysical side of the Atlantite, acting as activation for their abilities.
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