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    Since I posted my newest song already, but didn't comment on the others (damn it was late...), I'm gonna do that in this post!

    Fenne-Kun: Your themes always turn out well, but the Evil Team Leader song you did with ElectricMudKip was easily some of your best stuff! I enjoyed it a lot! The Route 1 theme sounded more like a city theme to me in all honesty, but I still really enjoyed listening to it!

    Arron13: Your Sketchy Town draft piece so far is good, sounds like you just need to add a good main melody to it. Also just because I feel the need to say this - the heavy reverb guitar reminds me a little of the Tristram theme from Diablo 1/2 .

    DJKniteX: I was hesitant to listen to your rap song, since I'm not a huge fan of the genre and I don't think I can give good educated constructive criticism; however, I listened to it and I can say 2 things for certain. Your rap sounds a lot different than what I've heard, and it sounds like you don't mess around. The quality and mixing of the track was great! That's all I can give you lol.

    Cryptonix: Nice Piano covers! Did you record these via MIDI keyboard, or did you put in all the notes with a mouse?

    Also It'd be cool if someone could comment/criticize on my Goldenrod City theme. Thanks all

    I've also got a new enhanced/remaster! I just recently got a world instruments library, and as a test run I decided to remaster the Bell/Tin Tower theme from Heartgold and Soulsilver.

    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Bell Tower (Enhanced Remaster)