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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
@Wolf+SD: I was under the impression, at least from Shiren's explanation, that the XP Potion gives the user a set amount of XP, rather than allowing them to gain more XP from each kill for a set amount of time. SD's post seem to point to the latter.

...Could one of you clarify? I would assume it would be the former, but...
In almost every MMO ive played, its been the latter. This is usually because flat XP bonuses are
A. Skill-less (The player does not work too hard for it, and is generally unfun)
B. Useless (Flat XP would be pretty annoying to code for each level, instead of giving a 25% bonus to every monster kill)
C. Lame (What is the point of killing monsters if people can just get one of those nifty useless potions)

Not sure how it works here
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