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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
In almost every MMO ive played, its been the latter. This is usually because flat XP bonuses are
A. Skill-less (The player does not work too hard for it, and is generally unfun)
B. Useless (Flat XP would be pretty annoying to code for each level, instead of giving a 25% bonus to every monster kill)
C. Lame (What is the point of killing monsters if people can just get one of those nifty useless potions)

Not sure how it works here
Well in terms of MMOs and RPGs in general, XP potions that give XP upon being drunk do exist. Generally the timed boosts are in the case of the former and usually aren't drops, but when they are they're rare and are also often found in Free-to-Play stores (as well as in non-Online RPGs, often times in the case of Action RPGs but found in pretty much any sub-genre). The ones that give (E)XP are generally found in Single Player RPGs and MMOs, though aren't really common in general and are pretty much always rare drops.

Though the reason I asked in this case was solely because Shiren actually said that it gave XP while Robin seemed to think it would temporarily give him increased XP for a set amount of time. I wouldn't be surprised if both types existed, though.
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