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    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    Hey Charblade!

    Speaking of which, Sunny, here's my little fire guy I was telling you about. n_n; I went right from drawing to sprite, hope no one minds.

    I had to upload it through my art album on PC because Photobucket's interface is totally jacked right now ;w; Anyway, yeah compare and contrast! Feedback please! I think I need to darken the outline personally, but I'd like a bit of a critique on this one.
    Hmhmhm, I'm liking it, Alexial! I'm gonna have to agree with you on the darker outline because it's kind of difficult to distinguish parts with a quick glance. I also feel like there are a few misplaced pixels on the top right of the tail making it look kind of jagged. Other than that, I think it's great! On a side note, I'm getting a chihuahua vibe from it, probably because of the ears.
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