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    The Pokemon League of the Zorra Region!

    Shama Town: Ivette, The Maiden of Love!
    Normal-Type Gym - Simple Badge
    Lvl 11: Happiny
    Lvl 12: Buneary
    Lvl 13: Eevee
    Gives TM 22: Love Crush, a move that does 2x damage if the oppenent is attracted to the user.

    Cruno City: Titus, Keeper of the Flame.
    Fire-type Gym - Flame Badge
    Lvl 17: Growlithe
    Lvl 18: Houndour
    Lvl 19: Litwick
    Lvl 20: Flareon
    Gives TM 12: Smolder, a move that does 2x damage if the opponent is inflicted with a burn.

    Vishville: Pusan, the Rain Maker.
    Water-type Gym - Hydro Badge
    Lvl 22: Lombre
    Lvl 23: Huntail
    Lvl 25: Politoed
    Lvl 25: Vaporeon
    Gives TM 30: Riptide, a move that is always a critical hit.

    Aknawood: Nel, Preserver of Nature.
    Grass-type Gym - Nature Badge
    Lvl 30: Vileplume
    Lvl 31: Jumpluff
    Lvl 32: Breloom
    Lvl 33: Leafeon
    Gives TM 27: Offensive Odor, a move that lowers both the opponent's Attack and Defense stats by 1 stage, or 2 stages if the opponent is poisoned.

    Teyer District: Erik, the Strong Arm of Labor!
    Fighting-type Gym - Labor Badge
    Lvl 40: Machamp
    Lvl 41: Hariyama
    Lvl 42: Conkeldurr
    Gives TM 5: Heavy Lifting, a move that increases attack by 4 stages but lowers speed by 2 stages.

    Mercury City: Milo, the Brilliant Innovator.
    Electric-Type Gym - Bright Badge
    Lvl 50: Electrode
    Lvl 51: Rotom
    Lvl 52: Magnezone
    Lvl 52: Jolteon
    Gives TM 18: Electrify, a move that electrifies the user, causing physical strikes from opponents to deal back damage.

    Set Dome: Hondo, Keeper of Graves.
    Dark-Type Gym - Shadow Badge
    Lvl 55: Houndoom
    Lvl 56: Absol
    Lvl 57: Honchkrow
    Lvl 57: Mandibuzz
    Lvl 57: Umbreon
    Gives TM 22: Heckle, a move that lowers the opponent's Def and Sp. Def by 2 stages.

    Uzume-to: Kiyomi, The undisputed Beauty of Zorra
    Psychic-Type Gym - Perception Badge
    Lvl 59: Jynx
    Lvl 59: Medicham
    Lvl 60: Gardevoir
    Lvl 60: Gothitelle
    Lvl: 61: Espeon
    Gives TM 50: Brainwash, a move that causes the opponent to lose 1 PP from each of its moves.

    Elite 4: Zorra's Capitol: Panthonia

    Elder Maynard: Wielder of Ancients (Fossil Pokemon)
    Lvl 70: Armaldo
    Lvl 72: Aerodactyl
    Lvl 72: Carracosta
    Lvl 73: Archeops
    Lvl 75: Rampardos

    Elder Matilda: Wielder of the Cosmic (Extraterrestrial Pokemon)
    Lvl 70: Starmie
    Lvl 72: Solrock
    Lvl 72: Beheeyem
    Lvl 73: Lunatone
    Lvl 75: Clefable

    Elder Callen: Wielder of the Depths (Deep Sea Pokemon)
    Lvl 70: Lanturn
    Lvl 72: Gorebyss
    Lvl 72: Cloyster
    Lvl 73: Wailord
    Lvl 75: Gyarados

    Elder Seraphina: Wielder of the Sky (Aerial Pokemon)
    Lvl 70: Xatu
    Lvl 72: Braviary
    Lvl 72: Altaria
    Lvl 73: Drifblim
    Lvl 75: Togekiss

    Champion: Jigme, Hero of Zorra
    Lvl 80: Dragonite
    Lvl 80: Tyranitar
    Lvl 80: Salamence
    Lvl 80: Metagross
    Lvl 82: Garchomp
    Lvl 82: Hydreigon