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    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    - What do you think is the best way for a man to come up to a girl?
    How do you mean?
    Awks as I asked the same question twice, it was meant to be the other way around as to ask for both genders.

    You guys have some really good answers here.
    Life was simpler when all I thought girls wanted was fast cars a 6-pack and fat stacks. Of those three things i have 1/6.

    I definitely think that especially females ask for gifts and things they want in a very unnecessarily complicated way. In my experience I find girls will say something implying that someone they know might be interested in say a dress or something nice but will wait 6 months to bring up with you the same dress and then imply that their previous implication actually counter-implied that it was in fact them that wanted the dress to begin with. By this time however I'm left thinking "What dress?".

    It's not that I don't pay attention, it's that I have a bad memory, and she does it so often I lose track.

    I think when people get comfortable in relationships they let themselves go, stop working out and eating healthy, don't shower as often, even re-wearing old stinky clothing. This very much upsets me because I'm attracted to good personal hygiene and people who take pride in their appearance.

    My advice for guys, listen, take notes if you have to. Or at least pretend to listen. General good life advice: do just enough to get by, let no one expect highly of you and you won't disappoint them either.
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