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    Originally Posted by warship View Post
    ooh an old fan! Welcome! I started with Shadow Dragon but got stuck on it so i decided to play fe8 instead. after that i also played fe7 and it was so hard after sacred stones but eventually i managed to finish it as well. In fact i've been planning to replay it to see how experienced i've become but awakening kinda steals that time anyway hope you enjoy it!

    Who is the best Fire Emblem protagonist in your opinion, and why?
    Well, mine is probably Marth mostly because he is the first protagonist i played as. I like Lyn and Eliwood too though.
    I wish I could contribute to the conversation. However I can only talk about Awakening. xD If anyone has anything to ask or somethin,' I'm all ears. I started my new file a few days ago and I've almost finished.