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Vera Fayos vs ????

Vera screamed and screamed, desperately trying to garner the attention of the lone Larvitar. Why do you persist? Soon, Sovereign will be bonded to my power. There is nothing you can do, and nothing you can say that will change that. Your friends are fighting a pointless battle. Even if they can defeat the dredges of Sovereign's mind, my darkness will still consume them.

"Sovereign!" Vera continued to scream until her voice was hoarse and raw. Slowly, it became harder to breath. Even though the air was not really there, it seemed to be getting so thick. Shadows consume all, child. You cannot stop me with words alone.

"Sovereign... you have to remember me. You have to wake up..." Vera's head hanged low as she fell to her knees. "You're my friend, Sovereign... Don't you remember...?"

A single tear fell from her face, and when it touched the seemingly solid floor, it created a massive ripple, like a drop of water on a perfectly still lake. "Don't let this happen to you, Sovereign. Vera's head pulled up, covered in tears as she screamed, "Don't become a monster!"

Suddenly, a light shone, ever so dimly in the distance, as Vera's tears continued to shake the foundations of this illusion. The Larvitar finally opened it's eyes, and gazed upon the mysterious light. "What...?" the Larvitar was not sure where he was, or what was happening, but the light gave him comfort.

NO! I will not allow this! You are mine!

The child stood up, looking around for the source of the voice. "I belong to no one!"

Please, you don't even have a name. Your mother abandoned you without giving you one. You are no one, you are mine...


The Larvitar's body began to glow, as his shape transformed into the one of a Tyranitar. You will be mine! No light in the world can stop me, what makes you think you can!? The shadows began to engulf the light in the distance. I will snuff out every light you have until nothing is left but shadows! I will make you see so far into the abyss that no one will be able to save you!

"Sovereign doesn't need saving," Erratt said as he appeared to the left of Sovereign.

"He has the strength to fight on, even in the darkest shadow," Varren said, to the right.

"He has the will to be a dragon!"

"He won't become a monster at your call!"

Sovereign looked at the companions that had been in his mind all this time. "I was afraid of them for so long. But they are me, and I am them." The shapes of Varren and Erratt shifted, revealing the purple and black Tyranitars. "They are just a part of me, and I must accept them. I am a dragon, but I have neglected my duty. I have darkness inside me, but there is nothing for me to fear from it. If you think I will bow before you, you are very wrong." Sovereign turned and looked back. "Thank you, Vera," he said as she stood up and smiled at him.

This is far from over! The darkness filled his mind as everything became impossible to see.

"No!" A beam of light shot forth, from the direction of the shine. It cut through the darkness and hit Sovereign, empowering him. "This is my territory. I command you to leave this place, or else I will have to show you just what I'm capable of!"

I will have you! You are mine! I will not be denied my prize!

"You will never have me!" Sovereign yelled, as his body shone a bright, blinding light. When Vera opened her eyes to look, there was no more darkness. Everything was white, but it was somehow soft, and comfortable.

"Sovereign... I-"

A sharp pain. Vera's eyes opened to the city in ruins. Sovereign was in front of her, his hand wrist deep in her stomach. "Vera...?!" If I can't have you, then you will be made to suffer...

He pulled it out quickly, as she fell to the ground, holding the wound. Sovereign crouched down, as he began to cry, something he had never done his entire life. "Vera! No!"