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    - Do you think that Women over complicate things when it comes to romantics and what they expect from Men? Or do you think the fault lies with them for the complications?

    Women, as a whole, tend to be more sensitive. Most of us require a steady amount of companionship and affection to feel loved.

    - Do you think that instead, Men oversimplify the needs of a Woman?

    Quite the opposite. From what I've seen, most Men think we demand more of them than we truly do. Example: A Husband and Wife discuss Valentines Day. The Husband is planning a big dinner date out with his Wife. Due to the media and common stereotypes, this is what he believes to be her wish. As for the Wife, all she wants is the night alone with her Husband.

    - What do you think is the easiest way for a Man to approach a Woman for the first time to say "hi"?

    Humor. Give us a good laugh and maybe a couple of smiles.

    - What do you think is the best way for a Woman to come up to a Guy?

    I can't say I know. And, I'm a happily taken Woman so I'm not going to find out.

    - What, in relationships do partners do that they may be unaware is bothering their partner and how can they be better Boyfriends/Girlfriends.

    The number one thing I hear other Women complain about: Their Boyfriends talk without thinking. A remark that a Man might not think anything of, could be eating away at a Woman.

    - Can you give any experience based advice for Guys out there trying to understand Women?

    Don't wait to show them you care. Spend everyday trying to make the one you love feel cared about.

    - Can you give any experience based advice for Girls out there trying to understand Men?

    Unfortunately, no.
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