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Sorry it took a long time, but here's the third update for my water monotype challenge. Let's start where we left off: grinding on Route 13.

- After grinding the entire team to Level 50-somethings, I went back to the Pokemon World Championship and defeated the Driftveil tourney a few times to get enough points to go to the Battle Railway station (or whatever the heck it's called) and buy meself a Water Stone.

- Evolved Shuriken to Starmie.

- Made my way to Icirrus City, where I found Drayden. I couldn't get past him no matter what. His dragons beat my Waters senseless, and they couldn't do anything about it because of type ineffectiveness.

- In an effort to renovate my team a bit, I went back to Route 11 and did a bit of surfing to find a new Pokemon. After some looking around, I found and caught a Buizel. Nickname: Weasley

- Decided to replace Aiai with Weasley in the team. Although Weasley proved to be a more than capable attacker, what with high speed and attack/sp. attack, her defenses were absolute crap and despite everything her typing and defenses were no match for Drayden.

- After a bit of poking around for good Water-types to add to the team, I miraculously encountered a Spheal! (which only appears in the winter, but my DS's date is messed up so the game thought it was winter)

- Realizing that this was the key to defeating Drayden, what with an additional Ice typing, I caught it. Nickname: Fatso.

- Replaced Penance with Fatso and began grinding. After getting him up to speed with the rest of the team and evolving him twice, I pitted the Walrein against Drayden's dragons.

- Waddaya know? Fatso's good defenses and attack coupled with super effective Ice Moves finally managed to beat Drayden down.

- Then Team Plasma arrived and turned Icirrus into the Tundra, you know the drill. I just moved on to Humilau.

- Beating Marlon was also somewhat of a challenge. With mostly Normal, Water, and Ice type moves at my disposal, beating him was tough. Especially that damn Wailord. The biggest help in this fight was Shuriken, who was able to hit fast and hard with that Psychic attack of his.

- Despite its awesome typing and neat appearance, Jello really wasn't working out for me. I was barely using him, simply due to the fact that I favor brute force (meaning sweepers) over defensive tactics in a fight, and Jello was a defensive Pokemon. So, it came time for a replacement. I scoured the seas, eventually finding a Remoraid just outside Humilau. Nickname: Raid.

- I quickly replaced Jello with Raid, evolving him and leveling him up to get him up to speed.

- Went and fought them Plasmas. Although they weren't too hard to handle, Zinzolin was a bit of an annoyance. If that wasn't bad enough, the Shadow Triad came next. They weren't that tough, but I had to waste Hyper Potions on my Pokemon to heal their HP for the following fights.

- After that, I made with the rest of the storyline to finish it off. Black Kyurem was no big deal; a couple of Ice Beams from Fatso did him in. However, Ghetsis (with his extremely creepy battle music) was tougher than I thought. It took me a while to get past his Cohagrigus, and his Hydreigon took out three of my Pokemon! In the end, everyone except Raid and Vonne had fainted, but I still beat him.

- Currently heading for the Pokemon league for that final showdown. Probably gonna have to do a lot of training first.

Current Team

Name: Parivir
Gender: Male
Level: 57

Name: Fatso
Gender: Male
Level: 55

Name: Vonne
Gender: Female
Level: 57

Name: Weasley
Gender: Female
Level: 61

Name: Raid
Gender: Male
Level: 54

Name: Shuriken
Gender: None
Level: 56