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    For all you tablet fans out there, the refreshed Nexus 7 might be coming as early as the end of this month! I'm interested to see what Google/ASUS come up with.

    Rumors of a refreshed Nexus 7 have been making their way around the net for quite sometime now. In fact, we’re positive it’s coming. Soon. What we aren’t sure of is exactly how Google and ASUS are planning on refreshing the popular tab.

    The latest rumor making the rounds is from the Taiwanese site Economic Daily who seems to have it on good authority that the device is looking towards a late July release. This date was also reported by Reuters in April and the oft hit-or-miss Digitimes back in June. Digitimes also mentioned that a 16GB model would be offered for $230. What’s interesting about the latest rumor is that they’re still going with the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, as opposed to the Snapdragon 600 given by an ASUS support rep.

    Perhaps the only spec we can be sure of at this point is a 5MP camera and LTE connectivity, both leaked in an FCC filing back in June. In either case, rumors have begun escalating that an iPad Mini refresh is also due out soon and if Google wants that competitive edge (aside from rock bottom low pricing), they’d better get a move on.
    I own the original Nexus 7 myself, but I am definitely keeping my eye out on the new one coming out this year (month apparently?!). Are you excited about this new tablet?

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