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    Still testing my game by playing it through from start to where I have done (didn't realize how much content was in this game. :/
    This is mainly to locate balance issues.

    I had more trouble than I care to admit with Jade, the 4th gym leader. I probably shouldn't have given her a level 31 Bronzong. >.>

    The "Bullet Hell" minigame will be available for play in this next release (PokeTouhou for Game Corner Coins.)

    I will update more when the next patch will be available to upload. Working on a bug with the in-game "Journal" that will tell you what quests you currently are on. At the moment, as soon as I grab the 5th quest in the main questline, the game will give me a "cannot convert nil to string" or whatever, so I'm having my friend, formerly known as Crazyninjaguy, (he goes by Smith0r now) work on it. As soon as he finishes his 3 day long breakfast... (long story)

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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