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Ask if I have something specific and I will check.

All Pokemon are legitimate to the extent of my knowledge. Some are meant for competitive play.

Shiny Cobalion level 100
Shiny Porygon-Z level 100
Shiny Ponyta F level 1
Shiny Emboar M level 36 PKRS
Shiny Pidgeot F level 41 PKRS
Shiny Spiritomb M level 1 ---------------- Just looking for someone to hang on to this for later.
Shiny Metagross level 100 PKRS
Shiny Golurk level 100
Shiny Haxorus F level 100
Shiny Reuniclus M level 100 cured

Kyurem level 75
Thundurus M level 40
Reshiram level 54

Other Stuff:
Too much to list
A few random eggs
90 Zoruas and a couple females
Some 5th gen evolved starters
Random Dream World Pokemon
Some random rares
A ton of mid level stuff