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    Resending my SU! :)

    I am going to reuse my old character.

    Rory Oliver Carr

    Age: 27

    Gender: M

    Appearance: When one could describe Rory Oliver Carr, one could almost liken him to a regal dragon. Because of his upbringing, he acquired a posture of that of a high-class gentleman. Physically, Rory Oliver Carr is not repulsive. In fact, given the right conditions, he could be charming. However, his narrow dark-brown eyes remind people of two deep pools of dried blood, on which sat a horn-rimmed glasses. His thin mouth curves ever so slightly, the way when most madmen’s mouth tends to do so. His coal-black hair is combed back, with a short ponytail hanging.

    After the breakout of the plague, as Rory Oliver Carr calls it, he lost his taste for good wardrobe, seeing a good number of his father's business associates turning, still wearing their boardroom clothes. Instead, he had picked a random pair of pants and t-shirt from his day-wear. Rory Oliver Carr, a lover of an exquisite wardrobe, was forced to wear a pair of light-brown cargo pants and a plain, white shirt.


    All interviews are done six months prior.

    Rory Oliver Carr's wife on Carr's general personality. "Rory Oliver Carr, let me emphasize this, hates being addressed by his first name only. If you want to address him, you may call him by his full name, Rory Oliver Carr, his surname, Carr, or, if you're feeling a little scared, Signor Carr. His father had trained him in the business world, so you could expect him to be a ruthless businessman. When his father died, Rory Oliver Carr took up Pokemon Training as a profession. While not going after the gym badges, Carr simply used his Pokemon as tools in the business world, making transactions easier. He's ruthless."

    His older brother on Carr's childhood. "Rory was the favorite son." This elicited a smack from Carr's wife, mouthing 'Rory Oliver Carr'. "Rory Oliver Carr grew up in the hands of our maids. He never experienced the touch of a mother's hand. However, despite of this, he's a pretty normal boy. He had dreams, favorite Pokemon, sports, imagination. I think everything changed when our father died. He used to be a passionate man. I could still remember his poems when he was still courting Maria." Another smack from the wife. "He plays the violin and the piano, although I doubt if he was ever good at it."

    His business associate on Carr's relationship with his father. "His relationship with his father was rocky. While it's true Carr Sr. favors Rory Oliver Carr, the son absolutely hates his father. I don't know why, but it seemed Rory Oliver Carr despised his father because he grew up not knowing a parent's touch? I-I am grasping at straws here," he stammered. "With Rory Oliver Carr, it is always the ‘me’ that is important. While he is not a compulsive liar, he does not hesitate to lie his way when he needs the fulfillment of his goals. He uses his father’s money excessively to purchase things beyond his needs, simply because he wanted to spite him. His egocentric view sometimes gets the better of him as he gets frustrated whenever he cannot accomplish anything."

    The local Professor on Carr's Pokemon Training. "I knew that boy was a genius in more ways than others, but never in a Pokemon Battle. He lacked the proper training on Pokemon, had not been given even the most basic of knowledge. His only use for Pokemon is for his display of power. If I am not mistaken, he had a private breeder raise him his Pokemon. I don't know how it affects the Pokemon's personality, but I know it's not right that they were raised completely by a hand not of their trainers."


    Rory Oliver Carr on his history: "I was not a happy kid, that much I can admit. My mother died giving birth to me and my father was just too busy to actually spend time on me. I never felt that I was the favorite kid. My brother felt my mother's presence, albeit for only six years in his life, and I envy that from him. "When I was a kid, I was drawn to art. Pokemon Paintings, Music, Literature; those became my passion. I never dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer, much less a Master, but I knew owning a Pokemon have its certain power. My father gave me one, a Cottonee, saying that it would be mine when it got stronger. I saw it years after that, already a Whimsicott. I hunted down the breeder and paid him handsomely for two more Pokemon." Rory Oliver Carr sent out all his three Pokemon. There was a Whimsicott as he mentioned, a Magnezone, and a Hitmonchan. "These are my prized Pokemon. Eve, Ivan, and Avalon." Rory Oliver Carr recalled them back. "What else to mention? Well, as you currently know, I am the CEO of one of the major companies supporting the research for the Pokerus Virus. And research is going well. I am planning to release a medicine in the near future which could double the effects of Pokerus. Yes, double the double." The interviewer was nodding his head, as if willing Signor Carr to go on. "What else?"

    "Before you became the CEO?" the interviewer suggested, sweat beading from his forehead.

    "I was schooled. Various private schools, before my father decided to settle in Celadon City to oversee his business closer. I never cared where I went. My schoolmates were of shallow minds, always talking about Pokemon training and gym leaders and stuff. Me? I am concerned with the big question: What is life? I think that question became my main driving force in taking up a medical course in the University of Celadon, prepping myself to inherit the Carr Empire and improving it. I guess that's everything for me. In fact, I may have told you too much."

    The interviewer was nodding. "Any last words for the general population?"

    Rory Oliver Carr, his blood-colored eyes staring intently at the camera. "Four words. Pokerus is humanity's hope."

    NOTE: Plague-times in opening post!


    Magnezone || Ivan || Genderless(Adamant)
    Moves: Discharge, Sonicboom, Thunder Wave

    Whimsicott || Eve || Female (Modest)
    Moves: Hurricane, Tailwind, Giga Drain

    Opening Post:

    It was his first mistake. Pokerus was never the hope of humanity; it was their extinction. This much he knew when he arrived at his office to find his building empty. His empire was never empty, except for the last few days. It all started when Rory Oliver Carr was walking through the building with a business associate named Grover Fernandez. They never thought anything was wrong, except for the fact that the whole building is empty. Which was not surprising, as the Pokerus craze (a hoax as Signor Carr called it before) made many people panicky and fled outside the region. The two of them went up to their boardrooms and what they saw surprised them. A business associate was on the floor, eating another one of their kind. Rory Oliver Carr knew this as they all wore suits. Grover cried out in alarm which was probably the worst mistake he ever made. The zombie, and his Clefable, looked at them and trudged slowly towards them, making scary zombie sounds.

    "No!" Grover cried out and made his second mistake. He sent out his Pidgeot to battle them. The zombies just walked on. Well, the human one, as Clefairy took a swipe with the Pidgeot bringing it down.

    "Avalon! To me!" Signor Carr caleld out his Hitmonchan. Being the genius he is, he quickly thought that these were unnatural beings but are still governed by laws of nature. Pokemon to Pokemon, and man to man. And since the Clefairy is busy with the Pidgeot, he thought it would be safe. This was Carr's second mistake. Hitmonchan, while a Pokemon, is vaguely a humanoid. The walker went up to him and attacked it. "No!" Avalon tried to counter with a Thunder Punch but the walker just continued to swipe at it, impervious to the attack. Finally, the walker in suit bit Avalon on the top of its head. Rory Oliver Carr knew better than to stay. He ran. He just hoped that Grover did the same as, the last he saw him, he was frozen in place watching his Pidgeot being devoured.

    He heard the man scream. Rory Oliver Carr continued to run outside. The sun was high in the sky but Signor Carr never felt the heat. Suddenly, Celadon City erupted with those things, apparently attracted to the shout. He ran, not knowing where to go. He decided to crash into one of the house before the Bicycle Path. He ran and he never looked back.


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