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Name: Grace de Lambrina
Age: 17
Appearance: Grace is a tall and slender woman. She stands at a bit less than six feet with her weight being around one hundred and forty pounds. Her skin is peachy-kind-of-pale and her face is somewhat round on the top, ending in a slightly pronounced chin. Her current looks are reigned by the artificial. Her face is never without make-up applied unless she's sleeping. Powders, eye-liner and even a small piece of body glitter shaped like a heart decor her face. Her eyelashes are naturally very long, and it is near-impossible to not notice them as they are.

No pimples or other imperfections are visible in her face when she's under make-up, but if she retires it, one can easily appreciate a set of freckles dotted here and there. The most notable traits of her face would be her oval-shaped eyes, and her somewhat-big nose standing between them. Her eyes are a piercing blue, and her protruded eyebrows are only defeated in terms of size by her forehead, where not a single piece of hair will ever be seen as long as she can avoid it. And lastly, her hair is currently dyed of a shining gold.

Now, her outfit. Grace prefer very bright colors, AND dresses. One plus one equals two! As such, you will see her wearing long dresses in assorted bright colors. As of her arrival in the school, she's wearing a bright yellow dress that falls all the way to her knees, with a bright blue ribbon serving as a belt of sorts, a headband of white embracing her hair, and a pair of high-heels of the same color. Whenever she feels like dressing differently (which rarely happens), then she switches to a bright blue top, equally bright green skin-tight jeans, yellow tennis shoes (with white shoelaces), and a white scarf should it be cold. Regardless of her outfit, you will see her walking round the streets without a care in the world as she shows off her multiple bracelets of assorted shapes, colors, and with some pretty rocks here and there. You will also see her striking a pink messenger bag, which will carry stuff ranging from a Hunger Games book to a spoon. Yes, I said spoon. /Girls/.

History: This young and cheerful teenager was born with a condition referred to as synesthesia. Ever since she was a little girl, she would watch different waves of varying colors hover around whenever she smiled or laughed. She thought this was an everyday thing and didn't bother on telling her parents -a simple construction worker and a cashier- about this.

As she grew old -age 5, almost an adult!-, she noticed that the presence of these waves was each time more and more frequent. When she laughed, when she cried. Whenever she ate and even when she sneezed. Then came a day when she called out that there were so many colors that she couldn't see anything at all. Worried, this young girl was taken to a doctor, who diagnosed her as a synesthete. And a long series of tests was run in order to determine when and how her "seeing sounds" triggered. As it turns out, feeling an emotion rather strongly triggered it. Absurd joy, enormous hatred. At the time, it was this girl's birthday, and she was very, very happy about it.

She had to learn how to deal with her condition by herself. She would get excited, just not a lot. She would cry, but not so much. So on and so forth. When she became 16, she began to realize that she could make the waves appear and disappear at her own will in rare instances, but always in random, unexpected moments.

Other than that, she's led a normal life in every sense. She goes to school, does her homework, goes out to the mall, rinses and repeats. No complaints here, and her lovely, supportive parents aren't much trouble either.

Yet still, it's so wrong. She's never sneaked away from class, she's never left a homework assignment undone, she's never slept past 9:30pm. She's never done anything bad. And as crazy as this might sound, being a goody-two-shoes is dumb and frustrating. This illogic change of school -with the excuse that she can make more friends and maybe meet someone else with her condition- might be what she needs. No one would know her, right? Who would know she's a good doer? She could break rules for once, be rebellious, and her parents wouldn't know. Just. Perfect.

But she will still do her homework. Let's take this reinvention slowly, okay?

Ability Name: Sound Wave Manipulation [Enhanced Synesthesia]
Explanation: An enhanced form of synesthesia. It allows the user to visualize sound as colorful light waves. The user can then manipulate these waves as long as they feel an emotion matching the color of the wave. Red is hatred, Blue is sadness/depression, Yellow is joy and so on. These waves can then be blasted at another being or object, with the damage or benefit they generate being set by which emotion she's feeling and how strong she's feeling it. A positive emotion grants a morale boost. A negative emotion can induce harm into another being. If trained enough, the user will be able to make sound waves appear/disappear at will.

  • She can only manipulate one sound wave at a time.
  • She cannot close her eyes when using this ability, or else she'll be unable to manipulate any wave for an indefinite amount of time.
  • If her target is another human, said human must be feeling the emotion corresponding to the wave she's manipulating in order to be affected by it. Conversely, she must feel the emotion of the wave rather strongly to be able to manipulate it.

Room Number: 12

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