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    Sign-Up Process

    Chapter N, Part N
    "The Development Process"


    Name: Lifu
    Nickname: Li
    Note: Lifu is his actual name, though he is called Li in affection, much more often than his normal name. In almost all cases he is referred to as Li, the exclusion being when his older sister is angry with him (this is the only time she uses his full name). For the sake of fluidity, just refer to him as Li, as his sister is really the only one who knows his full name.
    Age: 8
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Li is, being a Leafeon himself, highly resemblant to his species. However, his is still very young despite evolution, perhaps a bit too small. And too cute. And too adorable. Did I mention he's cute? While he looks to be a perfectly normal albeit short Leafeon, he has gained his fair share of battle wounds, which have scarred over time and are now almost invisible in his cream-colored pelt. Li's amber-honey eyes are quite large in proportion to the rest of him, another sign of his youth. His build is lightly muscled, despite his otherwise scrawny look. He may look healthy, and he is, since he doesn't always require food, and what food he does need is easy to find. Leafeon are able to Photosynthesize, or feed off of the sun, like plants. As an alternative (when no sun is readily available) Leafeon are able to eat leaves to sustain themselves.

    Personality: Words to avoid: Cute, Fluffy, Adorable, Small, Short, Tiny. All are true, but all are trigger words to enrage the little furball as well. Li is generally well-conserved, though in reality this "serious" attitude is something he does to protect himself and his sister. It isn't too hard to gain Li's trust, though he certainly doesn't make it seem that way at first. Li despises being treated like a child, or weak. He thinks of himself as a mighty warrior, proud and strong, and can't stand when people treat him otherwise. Despite his hatred of words that synonym cute or weak, he does enjoy the offered affection that generally comes with it, his guilty pleasure. He finds himself constantly seeking approval from others, and in most cases it is his sister who gives him this approval. Li shows a youthful innocence in many cases, though his childhood left this innocence as scarred as the skin beneath his pelt. He likes to think he's heroic, bold, and brave, and if he keeps up with his training, he certainly will be. Despite this, he's still young, and some things do scare him; it all depends on the scenario. He feels he has to be tough, courageous, and independent, in order to take care of his older sister. His sibling takes priority over everything, as she is the most valuable thing in his life. While often kind and willing to try to help others, hen around his sister he's often on the defensive, for her sake. She is so important to him that, in fact, he vowed to go hungry if he could not keep her fed, not using his photosynthesis to eat or searching for leaves unless he's brought his sister a meal first.

    History: Their parents disappearing from their lives at a very young age, Li and his sister were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Li felt he needed to take initiative after a few days of grieving, and vowed from that day on to take care of his sister as best as he possibly could. The two made a den in the island's forest, near the swamp's edge and along the mountains. Figuring out how to live on their own, they live in this den from then to this very day. Li did the hunting for his sister, while she gathered other resources they might need, like nesting material or thorny vines to keep the big predators out of their home. On multiple occasions they had to defend their home in battle, whether it was Li, his sister, or the both of them. Despite his being older, he was insistent on fighting the battles on his own whenever possible. Even as the younger sibling Li felt the need to protect his sister in any and every way possible. He practiced his fighting abilities and skills daily, remembering some of what he learned from his mother before she passed. She had taught him his ultimate move, the Leaf Blade. However, he is still not too well-experienced, so using that move exhausts him quickly. Part of his training is to learn to use it flawlessly, while the rest is to better protect his sister. A few years of life in the forest on their own, they discovered a town full of Humans nearby the forest. They began to make the occasional trip there, finding that the foods and sights were very much exciting, and while they enjoyed and found something new each day, it only drove their curiosity further. They ventured deeper into the town each time they visited. Until one day, today, a blizzard separated them and now they're searching desperately to find one another. Li is currently rushing through Oak Town, trying to find his big sister.

    Razor Leaf
    Leaf Blade