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    Please reserve me. :( There is still a last spot available if I am correct?

    Manchester O'Brien

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Manchester O'Brien, or Manchester stands at a height of 5’7”. His head is crowned with silver-white hair that reaches until his shoulder, a different and unusual color than those of his foster parents. His black eyes, on the other hand, were like his foster father's: deep pool of tar-black eyes that seemed to radiate a certain kind of glint. He is not heavy-set despite of the amount of work he did during his tenure in the circus, nor is he skinny. Being a gourmet at heart, Manchester O'Brien managed to keep a healthy build of body. His skin is light-tan in color.

    Manchester’s choice of wardrobe is very random. He had no particular liking to any type of clothing. Hoodies, T-Shirts, polos; as long as it fits him, he is perfectly fine for it. However, Manchester has an unhealthy affinity to colors, especially the color blue. Because of this, his wardrobe is composed mainly of blue.

    History: Manchester O'Brien, not his real name, was born an enigma. Nothing is known of Manchester's parental history or birth records, as he was abandoned (presumably) by his parents when he was still a wee infant. The people who discovered him was a group of travelling circus people. They were then in the city of England, hoping to catch the attention of the richer population of the world when the baby was found inside their circus tent during clean-up after a full-show. Their circus master, a large man going by the name Herman O'Brien, decided to adopt the kid as his own, naming him after his favorite football team.

    As a kid, Manchester was loved by the people serving his foster-father. Even Herman's wife, Hilda O'Brien, considered Manchester as the son they never had. He was a happy-go-lucky kid, always cheerful and seldom throws tantrums (and most of these tantrums were related in some way to video games.) Mingling with the circus folk, Manchester was taught the basics of life; he was never schooled as the circus goes where the money is. The people around him became his teachers. His father thought perseverance, his mother the concept of religion and faith, the jugglers the importance of practice, etc. However, the lesson Manchester always looked forward to were the lessons with the clowns. It's not the life lessons he needed (clowns taught that humor and fun is important for a healthy living) but the technique to magic. He was amazed by the power of the sleight of the hand, the dexterity of the magicians' fingers, and the different tricks to magic. He decided to try it on his own. By the age of thirteen, he was considered a rising magician among the circus folks, already able to produce tricks barely managed by the older, and obviously, more experienced magicians.

    Little did they know, Manchester managed to tap into his 'hidden self,' as he called it. By ways Manchester does not reveal, he learned that he could control light to some extent, that is, to provide the necessary illusions. While he cannot completely control light (like turn the bulb on/off or emit light beams from his eyes), Manchester could project holograhic illusions into thin air. He knew that he could develop his control over his ability more, and it would not happen neither inside the folds of the circus tent nor under the tutelage of Herman O'Brien and his band of magicians.

    When he reached eighteen, a letter came to the circus tent bearing the logo for an academy. Gilded Halls as it was called. However, neither Herman nor Hilda have heard of the school and both were mystified how they came to know of Manchester. As far as they know, Manchester have been thoroughly schooled inside the circus, never attending school. Manchester did not know either but he was curious as to how these academy managed to acquire knowledge of his existence. His foster parents were reluctant to let him go. Manchester, however, was pushy; he kept on saying that that was his first real chance for a proper schooling. Without letting Herman and Hilda O'Brien know, Manchester snuck out their circus tent and made his way into the academy.

    Ability name: Optical Illusion Conjuration (or O.I.C or Light Illusions)

    Explanation: Light is one of the most constant factor in the universe; that is, until Manchester learned that he could control it. He used this power for the creation of illusions for his magic tricks. Magic is almost always attributed to the quick sleight of the hand of the magician but Manchester discovered he can bend light to his will; make them bounce off black bodies, pass through opaque objects, even control how it refracts in a liquid medium, just for the sake of producing the false impression he needed.


    Light is a fairly difficult element to, well, control. Since light travels really fast (approximate 300,000,000 meters per second,) the energy required of Manchester to control it is fairly overwhelming. While the small "disappearing acts" will not leave Manchester huffing and puffing, the said controlled refraction and reflection will cost him a good amount of energy. A risk of fainting from too much use of his powers still exists.

    It also requires a fairly good amount of concentration. While Manchester have already trained himself to sync with the proper level of concentration, a good surprise while doing his "tricks" is already good enough to disturb him.

    At the moment, the best things Manchester could do with his magic are petty magic tricks; make a card disappear or reappear, change the color of a thing, or produce a small image of anything in his hand. While his illusions are pretty convincing at first look, one could notice upon further inspection that the image is rippling; it lacks the solidity and rigidity of a real object. Also, the size of the image he could project is still limited. He finds it impossible to produce images bigger than his hand.

    Room Number: 11

    Done. I think. Let me know if I need to change anything. I really wanted to join this RP. :)

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