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What makes a friend?

Its hard to define what a friend is. Different people have different answers to all sorts of questions and this is no different. For me, a friend is just someone who will always be there for you and someone who won't abandon you in tough times. Someone who you can share laughs with, cries with and generally someone who just understands you for who you are. Someone that you can be silly and goofy around, a person that has your back, someone who is always willing to listen when you need to vent, someone who's willing to lend a shoulder to cry on and most importantly someone you trust and can easily talk to. In my opinion, friends are amazing, everyone needs them no matter who they are. They're the biggest if not a huge part of anybody's life in my opinion.

How many friends do you have?

In real life, I have around seven. All of them, I'm really close with and I share laughs with everyday. I have people I'm polite to and occassionally chat to but I won't include them since I don't know them that well enough yet. I used to have a few more but some of them have since moved back to another country or left the school. Generally I don't care how many friends I have though, I'd rather have a few close friends over a huge number of acquaintances and maybe one or two real friends.

Online I consider fifteen people who are actually my friends. Some of them are just people I talk to rarely, some of them are really cool but I haven't known them for that long and so forth. But I love my online friends as much as I do for my real ones, though we never get to see the face behind the computer screen, talking to them makes me smile.

How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.

Most of my real life ones, if not all were met at some form of school. I met my first best friend on the first day of Kindergarten, since we sat next to each other and then just started talking. I still chat regularly to him this day and we're still really good friends actually. I met most of them over the years by being introduced to them by another friend and then just talking to them and gradually getting to know them over time. I remember meeting two of my friends when they were new to the school and I showed them around and helped them out. The others I just met when we were paired up in group activities and some of them, I met at the tutoring college I went to. I don't go there anymore so I lost touch with them (since the tutoring place was 30 minutes away or so via driving), but they were still really good people.

Online, I met some of them when I first introduced myself and they greeted me, showed me around PC. Never felt so welcome before to be honest. But I've mainly met all my friends on PC's Battle Server, over the past year or so! I've met some of the most amazing people there and although some of them have gone, I'll never forget them. But yeah, I mainly met them through Showdown and they're all amazing. :)

-Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?

I'm actually really shy in real life. I still don't know to this day how I even met people. I just feel awkward when I talk to people I don't know or I'm intimidated. So I find it kind of difficult, even online! It's just naturally hard for me, I've tried but I can't muster the courage to talk to new people and socialize. But I'm still happy with the friends I have now, so I won't complain. :]
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