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Atlantean Unification Project Headquarters
It's found in Toulouse, Southern France, somewhat disguised as an importing company.



The back of the AUP HQ building houses a runway and two airport hangers, both usually housing a private jet plane each (and sometimes, cars and used as storage). These jet planes can fit a maximum of 25 people, including the pilot and co-pilot. These planes are available in emergencies or with permission from Cooper. He is the only one qualified to fly them, but some members, such as Imogen, have been taught and gifted with "licenses". Both hangers are connected to bottom floor of the AUP building itself.



The building itself is a fairly recently addition to Toulouse, being built in 2006 under the guise of, as mentioned before, an importing company (Bernot & Cooper Co.). It is situated in a rural/industrial area of Toulouse, where it can have the space for a runway and 2 airport hangers without disturbing any of the locals. It consists of 5 floors (including ground floor).

(excuse the Pixar, I needed something to work with *cry*)

Located on this floor is the cafeteria and 'training' rooms. The cafeteria is sizable, able to seat over 100 people at any one time. There are 8 training rooms, named 1A to 1G respectively.


Network and information floors are located here, also known as the IIC floor (Information, Intel and Communication). There is one big room, also known as "The Big Room" (original, right?), where higher-ups supervise the world and events, hold video conferences and whatever else happens thats important. There are 3 smaller labs for teaching and easy access and a large server room to host things that I don't know any proper wording for.


The AUP has its own hospital specifically for Atlanteans and Atlantean victims, at the moment housing both normal humans and Atlanteans from the disaster in Paris. Sciency stuff also goes on here. On this floor, a library is also located for reference material and just fun.


Housing for all AUP members is held on this floors, which can hold one or two beds each room, depending on member preference. Towards the centre of each floor is a sizable common room, with places to relax, play video games, read a book... do whatever you want, basically. Emil's office is on the fourth floor and it should be noted that his office is connected to his and Devon's own room, kitchen and basically small house.


Just a rooftop. Not much more to it.
... i think i got everything.
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