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    I've been watching Transformers G1. I'm not a fan but they're a good watch. I particularly notice how the story in each episode moves so damn fast to the point of it being rushed. The Legend of Korra shows this trait but I feels that it's better handled and comes of as "not wasting time" rather than "rushing." Compare that to the likes of Yu Gi Oh that drag the Duels out with sidelines chitchat and exposition on the cards (necessary, perhaps but the flow is often mangled because of it). Even the Pokemon Anime falls into this trap.

    It made me wonder how to properly pace a story so it doesn't seem like you're rushing and so it doesn't seem like you're meandering too much. Like if you finish a story's outline, how would you trim the fat (so to speak) and know when enough is enough for sure? I'd hate to fall into these traps.

    So, your thoughts? Examples perhaps?

    (P.S I would appreciate if you'd leave your thoughts on Transformers, Korra, etc out of this discussion. I don't want things to turn messy if you'd be so kind. Pretty please.)
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