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    Others have already said the same although, I think it's a stretch to suggest that our natural reaction to over population is to have gay babies. And placing the blame (for lack of a better term) on women for wanting children is more of a generalisation, I know plenty of guys who were the ones to suggest children, my uncle for example. But yes, women are the majority here.

    I do see where you're coming from but I think that technology is more responsible. The further we develop our industries the more Earth teeters on the edge of the equilibrium. We may or may not have recently slipped off the edge with our pollutants and such and we'll find out within the next 10,000 years whether nature goes 180° to return to equilibrium eventually.
    The same as it has with all those Ice ages throughout pre-history. And if most of the population dies out, sweet, we know what not to do now.
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