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    Originally Posted by 11bayerf1 View Post
    Hrm Medicham I just resized at 96%, but never mind. I didn't realise I'd used the second frame, I just take them from the sheet on spriters resource, must have picked up the wrong one by mistake. I'll fix that.
    As for Tropius I made that sprite awhile ago so I'd forgotten that I'd done that. I've redone it now.


    I'll edit this post in the future to add the Medicham back, and then the fronts for some fossils.
    I've also downdated to Windows Vista paint, and I like that so much better. I'd been using Photoshop because I hated Windows 7 paint so much. This is much easier for spriting thanks for that!

    Medicham's Back:

    New Sprites:

    Also I noticed that Dreamengine's Feraligatr wasn't accepted, so I made one, just so that set can be finished.
    *I've already done my own Tropius
    *I've already done my own Medicham back
    *Personally I think Armaldo looks a bit too small, what percentage did you resize it at? If I take the Armaldo sprite from the master sheet and resize it at 88%, it still fits in 64x64, yet somehow manages to look bigger than your sprite
    *there's a smoothness error on Cradily's head, and the tentacle things just look kinda weird to me
    *Mantine sprites accepted
    *Feraligatr sprite accepted

    Originally Posted by Rizon View Post
    I did these yesterday and forgot to upload. xD
    Both accepted.

    Originally Posted by Eelektross005 View Post
    I don't know if this will be any help,but i resized scyther's front sprite,also sorry for not using the one from the master sheet,so you probably will have to change the pallete
    Note : Chaos i will send them on PM,cause it doesn't let me put images
    Sorry, but you used the HG/SS sprite, and the Master Sheet clearly has the B/W sprite of Scyther on it. And there are way too many problems with your outlines, it looks like you did a really rush job.