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Name: Kenneth Barol (Buh-roll)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Kenneth is around 5'6 fairly typical for a young adolescent. He has raven black hair that goes down to his shoulders in back and just under his ears on the sides. He has freckles on his cheeks and shoulders, and piercing blue eyes. He has a...normal nose? (I never know how to describe noses.) A light tan and a pointed, almost elfin chin. He tends to dress in a red shirt with his family crest on it and blue jeans leading down to white and red sneakers. He also keeps his silver PokeGear strapped to his left hip.

Personality: Kenneth is an intelligent young man with a great love of pokemon partly thanks to his father. His biggest flaw is sometimes he can have a bit of a one track mind, catching pokemon and becoming a pokemon master. He doesn't have very good manners but all in all is kind person, he won't turn a blind eye to someone who needs help right in front of him and he never hurts anyone's feelings on purpose unless he thinks they're being a jerk. Kenneth also does not tolerate anything he sees as mistreatment of any pokemon. He can be very callous and forget about somebody else's feelings until they make it clear, but if he's thinking about it he's very empathetic and likes to make people feel better.

History: Kenneth spent his entire life growing up around pokemon, his father Jeremy had been a trainer and was even the Champion of Johto for a while. Kenneth spent the early days of his life in Ecruteak City, gaining an appreciation for old things and dancing, he went to watch the kabuki theatre dancers every day. Kenneth wanted to be a trainer as soon as he turned 10 like so many other kids but his father forbade it, not only was his mother worried about him getting hurt, but Jeremy Barol had started his journey at 10 and for years he got nowhere because he was too immature to handle the world. Kenneth didn't bother to argue, he always did what his father said because he had so much respect for him...besides, who wouldn't love a dad that takes you flying on his Dragonite or Pidgeot sometimes?

For a long time Kenneth learned about pokemon however he could, listening to his father's stories, talking to the man with the Rhydon at the kabuki theatre (Yes he's still there) watching movies and tv shows etc. You could say he was obsessed with being a trainer, but if you did he'd just blow you off and go back to rambling about pokey and the man. When Kenneth finally got to his 18th birthday his father offered him a present, an egg he found his Dragonite Diana cradling, for some reason all he said about it was. "Here, I found this egg, I have no idea how it got there, would you like it?" For some reason it gave Kenneth a deep feeling of Deja vu, his mind once again took on a one-track persona and he worried about nothing except the egg for a good 2 weeks until it hatched into an adorable little Dratini.

After a good couple of days traveling and battling Kenneth felt a strong bond with Luna and the Stantler he had caught, but their newfound partnership wasn't to last. When Kenneth arrived at Olivine City to climb the lighthouse he learned there was a letter from his father, urging him to get back home quickly. He brash young boy thought his father wanted to tell him he really wasn't ready for a journey yet and that he'd have to stay home a while longer, so he stalled a couple of days until another letter showed up. It was addressed to his father and had been forwarded by him too.

Mr. Jeremy Barol;

Another Pokemon League challenge has opened up for the Celestia Region again, unfortunately we only have one child currently on the island who aspires to compete. Considering your past we hoped your child was showing signs of being a great trainer like their father, and we send you this humble request for your child to compete in our league. Enclosed is a map of the region and a ferry ticket to the main island, we hope to see you and a new trainer soon.

Thank you for taking the time to hear us out, and we hope you come,
Derek Strahl, Celestia League Committee.

Idiot boy! See what I got in the mail? The ferry comes TOMORROW! What did you think I wanted to tell you? Get your nonexistant keister back here ASAP so you can get on that boat.

Kenneth wanted to punch himself for thinking his dad could be so selfish and ran back home as fast as he could, his father didn't stay angry too long but nonetheless they were too late, he missed the ferry. After packing up everything Kenneth would need he and his father realized they were going to have to fly all the way to Celestia on his Pidgeot and so they did.

Starter: Dratini Female, Egg move: Extreme Speed Luna (He named her Luna because she always sleeps in a crescent shape)

Color Badge Case: Deep Emerald Green

Other: Glad it let me post, i haven't been able to connect to PC for hours.
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