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    Rosalyn Smith

    "Let's go."

    Rosalyn smiled up at Dex as he spoke and picked her crutches up before getting to her feet. "alright, I've got Melody with me, you might find some nice Pokemon on the beach" she said straightening her skirt and bag before looking back at Dex. "Well I'm ready to go" she added. I can't wait to train, maybe I'll be able to train Jazz enough so he evolves. That would be great she thought. After all, he only needs to gain a few more levels to evolve into Blastoise

    Sage Smith

    Sage looked down at the bag he held in his hands that held the Christmas Presents for his family. Including a present for Rosalyn. Though that would be an anonymous gift. If she knew it was from me, she'd never accept it even though I know she'll love art supplies he thought. As he was lost in his thoughts Sage stopped looking where he was going and suddenly crashed into one of the students. "oh dear. Sorry about that Kid. Should really watch were I'm going. You ok?"

    Oerba Dia Vanille

    "I'm actually in the Suicune Dorm. But I don't know why anyone else in my dorm would be stuck up." Vanille said though she knew perfectly well why. With her childlike optimism and innocence that she portrayed to everyone she acted as if she knew nothing bad about the world.

    "Well just because your in the Raikou Dorm doesn't make anyone else better than you are. I'm sure your amazing" she said with a kind smile. She felt the air around them getting warmer which made her glad she had already taken off her jacket and was wearing light clothes.

    "I do have to say Mark, thank you for not making fun of me. A lot of people do because of the way I act and dress"

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