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To have mercy on the bandwidth of others, I've gone ahead and found what pictures of noteworthy cards I have that I actually bothered to upload to Photobucket and posted them as links instead of pictures:

Shiny Collection Meloetta EX and FA Shiny Collection Meloetta EX:

Shiny Collection Full Art Mew EX and a secret rare Mew from one of the advance gen sets. Don't remember which one off of the top of my head.

FA Landorus EX

Heatran EX


Shining Celebi

FA Skyla

FA Victini

Crystal Wall Ace Spec

Shiny Blastoise Secret Rare

Miscut Kyogre EX

Shaymin EX

Vending Machine Mewtwo

A miscellaneous collection of singles I bought from a nearby card shop back in February

Neo Revelations Ho-oh

And that's all I have pictures of at the ready right now.
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