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    placeholder for SU

    Tweet Jonias

    Age: Biologically 22.
    Gender: Genderless (taking up the role of a female)
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Role: The Technician
    Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle (modded)

    Italic is Tweet interjecting.


    Tweet Jonias, unlike other Porygon-Z, is a relatively happy fellow. While her species' stereotypes were "robotic" or "apathetic" due to their mechanical (in contrast with our biological) nature, Tweet was the exemption to the rule. While it is true that Newhaven, as a city in general, exudes an aura of imposing coldness, Tweet seemed to be the only bright light in it (if emotions could be likened to lights, that is.) She always smiles at her peers (almost eighty percent don't smile back, sadly), has the ability to crack a few jokes here and there. Imagine turning an impossibly serious species of Pokemon, bump its head or something, and you have me.

    She is also a fairly sociable person but her idea regarding the government, albeit a little hidden (It's hard to actually say something out loud in this place), is fairly neutral. Working at the Corptech Factory and being given the chance to work next to her favorite things in the world, Tweet has little to no time to think about whatever is happening outside the world. The only thing that have managed to get Tweet involved in the general state of affairs of the state is the idea of being under a dictatorship. Deep inside her mind, freedom is a really neat concept (You will be surprised by how many others in the city think of this idea is absurd.) Living under the total control of somebody is a thought that scares Tweet. (It is happening, of course, but it still scares me)

    The other side of Tweet, the one more commonly seen by others, is the Tweet whenever she is working. Tweet Jonias is a total geek; both when it comes to nerd-culture and mechanical and technological knowledge. She is natural-born genius when it comes to the use of techmaturgy, especially when it comes to modding Hextech Weaponry. Her knowledge, however, is not limited to her brilliance when it comes to weapon. She is also well-versed in both basic and advanced programming languages (I once made a program that displays up to the fourteen-thousand, three-hundred, ninety first digit of the number pi!), can fix almost anything, especially huge machinery (Well, I can't fix a heat compressor. Yet.), and is also an accomplished cryptographer.


    Tweet Jonias, like all other Porygon, were man-made "biological" beings. I know it sounds weird but you need to listen to this first. They were a part of a project by one of the smaller sectors in the city to try and recreate life (And, according to rumors, try to create perfect soldiers. I don't know, but I'm glad I lived because of that). By combining genes of several Pokemon inside a test tube, out came several Porygon. (That would be the shorter version of it. I would tell you that it involved lots of amounts of energy and complicated science-y things.) However, each Porygon they recreated had some certain flaws. The most common were speech impediments and slow brain. Porygon-12, or Tweet Jonias as she was later called, developed emotions. We all know that the government imposes an iron hand upon freedom of expression; the scientists who managed the project thought of Tweet's disability as a very dangerous risk. Her lack of control for her emotion will certainly blow their cover in the near future. Not that I wanted to stay there. The only memories I have of that place is a dark room. Not a happy memory I tell you.) In short, the failure of the production closed the project down and the Porygons, including Tweet, were released into the city as young vagabonds.

    It was a stroke of luck for fourteen-year old Tweet Jonias, a name chosen by Porygon-12 to call herself, when she was caught staring by a Corptech Factory worker at one of their weapon posters. It was one of the newly released mod; the poster shows an exploded view of a Pistol with the mod attached to it. Her fascination with the poster, albeit a little too technical for the fourteen-year old, was noted by the Corptech Factory worker. During that time, demands for mods and other weapons were going high and the factory was hard at work to keep up. Tweet Jonias was taken as a worker for the factory, a low-maintenance and cheap worker. However, Tweet saw this as nothing but an opportunity to work with what she thought would be her only love.

    Under the tutelage of one of the workers in the factory, Tweet learned a lot about techmaturgy and weapon manufacturing, among other things. As a factory worker, Tweet was expected to have a more-than-average knowledge for weaponry, computer programming, and other technological skills. This was easy for her; it seemed like she was born for it. When the proper time comes, she joined the team leading the research on mod-technology. Having an access to a vast amount of type of attacks, Tweet Jonias became one of the leading figure in the industry. She was the one responsible for compacting the energy of a mod to smaller sizes so that the weight of the mod, an issue back then, would now be considered negligible. Also, being one of the top researchers in the factory, she possessed access to weapons still unimagined by most of the population, weapons that have just recently left the confines of paper and ink.

    Her access to the vast collection of authorized Hextech Weaponry got her the attention of Raymond Maverick, the local crime lord more commonly known as the Count. While their motives were different, Tweet saw the opportunity to free herself and others from the oppressing rule of the government. She teamed up with Raymond Maverick in secret; she became the weapon supplier to the Count whereas still continuing her job as a weapon manufacturer. (Let me just say this: Right from the start, I was never allied with the government. Ditching us after their experiments failed? No. No. I am solely allied to my weapons. If the Count proved to be, well, useless, I will not hesitate to leave him of course.)

    Today, Tweet is in suspended animation, unable to move and see things, although some sounds still do register to her.

    Freedom and weapons above all

    Moves: Level-up moves plus Shadow Ball and Psychic

    Others: Her favorite food is a scoop of fried rice. With lots and lots of garlic.

    RP Sample

    I am a Roleplayer

    ...and I am PROUD of it.
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