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Originally Posted by Normal Spirit View Post
One thing that I've noticed about the Normal type however is that most of the Normal-Type pokemon have the highest HP as opposed to other types, with the exception of Wabuffet. The Normal-Type also has quite a few healing moves such as recover, softboiled and most Normal types can learn rest. With this being the case, as we all have noticed throughout the years, is that the Normal type can withstand a good beating. In my opinion, there's nothing more irritating than fighting something with very few weaknesses, has a ton of HP, and heals all of the time.

Wrap all this up and you have the reason why I love the Normal-Type

I think that Gamefreak will add a Normal-Type Elite Four member. After all, they did have a Bug-Type Trainer in Diamond and Pearl(Not to say that the bug-type is weak).

Yeah having high HP is certainly something that normal types can take pride in. Most notably the Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey family. They can certainly take many hits and restore HP which ends up in a stall match, usually wearing down the opponent. Unfortunately they can't take physical fighting hits at all which is one of the most common attacking types in battling.