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Croconaw - Olli - Mac - Alexial - Twisted - Tabor
Levels: 38 - 38 - 36 - 36 - 36 - 30

- Picked Totodile and couldn’t think up a nickname for him.
- Caught Pidgey and named her Olli. Used her against Sprout Tower and Falkner.
- In Union Cave, caught a Zubat and named him Mac. Raised team around this area.
- Defeated Bugsy easily using Pidgey. First Pidgey evolved and next, Totodile.
- In Ilex Forest, caught a Paras to be an HM Cut Slave.
- Defeated Whitney using some Sand-Attack and Bite-flinching hax.
- Couldn’t quite defeat Morty on my first try, so I re-trained and beat the Kimono Girls until Zubat evolved. In the route south of the city, I caught a Noctowl, but I didn't use her much on the team.
- Started exploring the area around Olivine and tried to use Surf, but I forgot I didn't defeat Morty yet. Now my team was over leveled so he was an easy victory. Started exploring Cianwood, but I forgot about the boulders in Chuck's gym.
- Caught a Raticate to be an HM Cut/Strength slave back near Olivine then.
- Raised Pidgeotto until she learned Wing Attack. I couldn’t defeat Eusine in Cianwood because of his Electrode’s Thunder.
- Defeated Chuck in a few turns by using Pidgeotto.
- Used Noctowl to Fly on and went back to Union Cave to travel to the area to catch a wild Natu. Caught one and named her Alexial.
- Evolved Natu while training at the lighthouse in Olivine. I taught her TM Psychic so she was able to battle on her own. I ran out of trainers and my team wasn’t ready to face any of Jasmine's Pokemon soon, so I traveled to Mahogany.
- Caught the Red Gyarados and named him Twisted.
- Defeated Jasmine by utilizing Sand Attack and Confuse Ray hax again. Croconaw easily took out the Steelix. I didn’t need the Red Gyarados after all.
- Evolved Pidgeotto after beating my rival in the Goldenrod underground.
- Defeated Pryce quite easily, I don’t even remember what happened now, haha.
- Beat Clair after teaching Croconaw TM Ice Punch. I got an Extremespeed Dratini from the Den. I later caught a Skarmory and named him Tabor.
- After leaving some money with Mom, I left for Tohjo Falls. I’m training in the route before Victory Road now.

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