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    Originally Posted by lollygag View Post
    And opposing construction of a mosque...wouldn't it be easier for Muslims to have a mosque in their own town than to drive several towns away to go to one? If anything, I support the construction of more mosques. If people are so concerned with them replacing churches, then why don't they actually go once in a while? (Needless to say, not all Muslims attend services regularly - people seem to forget that non-practicing Muslims do exist - but they should have mosques for the ones who are religious.)
    A lot of Muslim communities in many countries do not have enough mosques. My relatives in Argentina have to pray at home or in extra rooms of churches because the town they live in has no mosque and only a couple of other Muslim families - and most of them are related somehow. Most of that country's mosques are in the larger towns and big cities. These guys live in a small town in the northwest. Everyone else in the town is Catholic.

    Political correctness is garbage. Minorities aren't easily offended. I think people who want political correctness have the idea that minorities are more sensitive than white people because of racism. I think that that's a messed-up way of thinking. The mere expression is sometimes used without understanding what it is.

    Some of the newspaper articles about political correctness made me laugh. One that did was this school banning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they were offensive to minority kids. Um, I'm a minority and my mum has made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches plenty of times. Yes, she has given me traditional Lebanese food for lunch, but not every day. And PB&J isn't exactly traditional food - most cuisines include modern dishes as well as traditional ones. I don't expect everyone to know about Lebanese food.

    I know that sometimes people get bent out of shape by old books and movies that aren't politically correct, but I'm usually not. I remember when the first Chronicles of Narnia movie came out, there was complaints over the later books having the Arabian Nights-inspired country of Calormen, which was ruled by a corrupt leader and had slavery, widespread misogyny, and worshipped a different god. People thought it was a parody of Muslim culture. I actually don't find Calormen's portrayal offensive - their religion is not like Islam; it's polytheistic, whereas Islam is monotheistic. There were sympathetic Calormenes too - Aravis was definitely one. Wikipedia says that it's a parody of the medieval European image of Islam found in The Song of Roland and other medieval legends. And we all know how ignorant medieval Europe was!
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